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You might have noticed about our price, if you already visited our store or the menu on the website, but here the Sangenjaya store has set less than half the price than the other two stores.

But of course the colors, perms and treatment agents, service contents, etc. are the same as other 2 stores. and we handle only “hair, human body, environment-friendly” products which is the concept of our salon.

in the thought of the price setting in such, “we want that customers to feel free to visit the hair salon”, “we want that customer to feel more familiar with enjoying hairstyles and keeping the beauty”, ” going luxury restaurants occasionally are good,but we would like to be like a cafeteria that we always use”.

And another reason for the low price of Sangenjaya shop is that it comes from the salon concept of “where young staff can be active”.

The Sangenjaya store consists of only the young generation who is only take the first step as a hair stylist, except as a director Mizota and a manager Aoi.

we want that, Such young staff would like to touch many customers and feel “fun for making hairstyles” and “feel happiness and gratitude that customers willing to be happy”, and we want the young staff to have lots of fun experienses  with the work of as a hairdresser. that’s the other reason we set the price as cheap as possible to make it easy for customers to come to the store.

But Even though they are “young”, they are all trained hard at the Jiyugaoka store, the Gakugeidaigaku store, and the main store New York.

I hope you will watch with such warm eyes that  support the further growth of the staff.