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New standard color

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“Natural light, room light, …” light “always hits from the top. Even if you dye the whole hair in one color, it does not look like the same brightness from the root to the ends ,,, …

we HairMates, even in the case of a color that colors the whole into one color, when it’s long hair will use 3 to 4 colors from the root to the ends. By doing so, we create natural gradation from root to the ends.

In the past,  used different color for the area near the root that is likely to be brightened by body temperature and other colors, but now use three to four colors, taking into consideration the reflection of light.

*The technique of coloring differently is adopted in order to make it look beautiful one color under the light to the last. It does not look like the design gradation color.

*For all color customers (other than short hair), we do as a basic techniques.

  • There is no additional charge.